(etsh logo)
{Full-size Etsh Logo}

Full-size Etsh Logo

And a full-size version of it above.. So, how did it come to be / from where did it come?

First, of course, I had to get up the nerve to ask the question, something that's not easy for me, to ask for help... But I did.. I asked Roman for his help to make a new logo: for etsh / the project / its website & so forth!

I simply sent him the output of 2 echo commands (see below) with the characters you see in the logo now,

% echo '>\|/<' ; echo '(%|#)'

Then, after we discussed the details, Roman implemented what I asked him, adjusted my X rgb.txt green to a nicer one, sent me a draft, and then the final result(s) after my OK.

It was both fun and a good investment!! Thanks again, Roman Zolotarev .. Here's to teamwork =^)