Etsh project & help via email

Please use one of the following Etsh Project email addresses for help depending on your objective(s).

  • <v6sh (at) etsh (dot) nl> - general questions and/or discussions relating to the project in some way
  • <support (at) etsh (dot) nl> - support-specific questions relating to the project and/or the software distributed as part of it
  • <bugs (at) etsh (dot) nl> - see below

Etsh bug reports

Please send etsh bug reports to the bugs@... email address noted above.

Before reporting a bug, please try to reproduce it with the latest version of the code. With bug reports, please try to ensure that enough information to reproduce the problem is enclosed. Also, if a known fix for it exists, then please include that as well [1].

Please include the "config.h" file if you wish to report a build and/or install problem. Please report the results from running 'make check' too if possible, as that can be quite helpful in the end.

Other comments or questions

Last but not least... If you have other questions / mind waves (or vibes) / comments and/or would like to discuss something not related to the project itself, please send an email message to <jan (at) etsh (dot) nl> instead.. Otherwise, the only remaining project-related questions I can imagine you might ask via this address relate to its license, as this is the one I now write in the project license itself. But hey, anything is possible!

=) Either way, I will reply as soon as I can .. Thank you (=


  1. Text derived from /etc/motd of the OpenBSD project.